Income Tax Returns(ITR):

File your Income Tax Returns on time to avoid penalties and we will do the tax planning for you.


Accounting acts like Thermometer.It tells you how healthy is your business

It is must to claim tax benefits and is legal requirement too.

Mandatory Maintenance of Books of Accounts :

For Individuals,

If  his profit from business exceeds 2,50,000/- rupees or his total income exceeds 25,00,000/- rupees in any year.

Other than Individuals ie,Firm ,company etc.

If  his profit from business exceeds 1,20,000/- rupees or his total income exceeds 10,00,000/- rupees in any year.


Keeping Separate Bank accounts for  Business and personal Transactions.

Making sure that the payments are through bank to the the extent possible.

Accounting transactions on regular basis along with bills so that we can trace out any descrepancy.

Providing you with Monthly,Quarterly,Half Yearly and annual summaries of your financial position so that you can plan accordingly.

We will keep the books of accounts in accordance with the law.


 Penalty for Non-Maintenace of Accounts:

Penalty under section 271A of Rs. 25,000.

Charges :

Upto 500 transaction per year -15999/-per annum.

Upto 2000 transactions per year 29999/- per annum.

*GST is applicable.

Income tax returns filings ,Usual Tax advise and Zoho Books app are provided without any additional charges .


Annual Package will be economical ,wherein we offer comprehensive service like installing systems that monitor your transactions,monthly accounting and book keeping,tax planning,monthly,quarterly,half yearly and annual reports,Advisory services.

Call/Drop us a text ,we will get back to you with the best prices.